Stationery Spotlight: Winged Snail Mail Minizine

A while back, Sarah kindly sent me a copy of the zine I was featured in with an interview about the Postal Society, and today, I'm going to tell you a little bit more about it!

'Winged Snail Mail' is a 32 pages zine about snail mail and related topics.

As mentioned above, you'll find interviews, but also a few interesting articles that focus on different aspects of snail mail, cool ideas for things to include in your letters (such as mail tags), and even tutorials for crafts you can use to easily embellish your letters β˜Ί

The price is $3 and it's more than fair! Let me know if you pick it up and what you think about it!

Ζ’. xx

P.S. Sarah's next zine will be typewriter themed! She's currently accepting submissions until May, so if you have anything cool to share, check this out!

Mailbox Monday: getting festive

Hey every one! 

This past week I had a short break from Uni and I used that little bit extra free time to catch up with a lot of letters, and to send some festive gifts to my friends.

I also sent out a bunch of Christmas cards (better sending them very early rather than having them arrive past the holidays, don't you think?) and these in the picture are for some lovely ladies from the Postal Society:

And lastly, here's a couple snippets of the letters I sent to Thea and Elisse:

Are you getting started with your Christmas mail yet? β˜Ί

Ζ’. xx

Mailbox Monday: I'm not a beauty blogger, but...

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you're probably tired of me talking about this, BUT it's a big deal to me, ok?! ( ΰ²₯_ΰ²₯)~

You can read the whole story here, so this post won't be super long, but basically: there's a youtuber I really love that had a collaboration box made with Memebox (a Korean subscription beauty box) and she used a drawing I made of her as cover art, and moreover, I was sent a box as well!

So, now, I may not be a beauty blogger, but here's a little known fact about me: I kinda enjoy makeup, and I really enjoy watching some beauty gurus on YouTube.

But let's cut to the chase! Take a look at the amazing goodies I got in the box!

There were 7 full size (!) products, including some brands I always wanted to try: 

I am seriously so happy about this opportunity, so a HUGE thank you to Stephanie for loving my drawing so much and hooking me up with a box! (And you, if you're into edgy fashion and makeup, check out her channel, I'm sure you're gonna love it!)

Thanks for reading, hope you're having an awesome week! β™₯

Ζ’. xx

Mailbox Monday: booklets & zines

Hey everyone, how is it going? Last week's been quite productive for me mail-wise and today I can finally show you something I sent out:

A couple years ago Moleskine came out with these "postal notebooks" and when one day a shop near my house was having a clear out, I decided to grab a few. I never really used them until now, but I must say, I wish I had bought more because they're so much fun to work with! Have you ever used or received one?

Anyway, this was sent last week to Pattie in Poland β˜Ί

As for what I received, I got a lovely long letter from Jessica:

She also sent me 2 of her perzines.. and she opened a whole new world to me! So, thank you Jess β˜Ί

As I felt quite inspired, I've already replied to her letter, and I also sent it out today:

And that's it for this week! As usual I'd love to hear about your weekly postal adventure, so please feel free to share β™₯

Thanks for reading,

Ζ’. xx

Mailbox Monday: it's still Autumn

Last week has been once again pretty quiet for my mailbox, but I've been nonetheless surprised by a beautiful letter from Angelica in Sweden.

She's pretty darn talented and hand painted the decoration on the envelope, which for some reason makes me feel very warm inside just by looking at it. Unfortunately the customs of my country added a very ugly sticker to it.. but it won't keep me from cherishing it anyway!

As for what I've sent out, I've been incredibly busy with Uni, so I can barely write one letter a week, but I managed to craft something for Pattie in Poland, and I surely hope that it will reach her soon! (I'll post a picture of the inside next week when she's hopefully received it).

How was your mail week? β™₯

Ζ’. xx

Mailbox Monday: Autumn lights

This week has been quite positive for my mailbox! I've received quite a few letters, and I loved each of them.

I got a first letter from Pattie, and along with her lovely words, she sent me lots of beautiful Polish postcards:

I then got something from a long lost friend. I've never been lucky with mail from/to India, and I'm afraid our correspondence just suddenly stop because of the issues we were having.

Anyway, Amit thought of me for this year's Diwali festivity, and sent me a beautiful card and letter in theme with it.

Last but not least, I received my copy of the 'Winged Snail Mail minizine', which the author kindly sent to me since I was featured in it with an interview about the Postal Society!

How exciting β˜Ί expect a review soon!

I also sent out some letters.. but I'll show you more of them next Monday as I don't want to spoil a couple of surprise to some people β™₯

How was your mail week?

Ζ’. xx

Mailbox Monday: a quiet week

Last week's been pretty quiet for my mailbox. I only received bills, sadly, but I still had some letters to reply to; one went out for Jessica in Canada,

and one to Gert in California. 

Was your mailbox fuller than mine this week?

Ζ’. x

Mailbox Monday: big books and little booklets

Last week has been pretty sad mail-wise. I've received the very sad news that 2 letters I sent a while back got lost, as well as one that I was supposed to have received already for a while still hasn't shown up, but alas, this is a known risk.

However, I still got some pretty mail that managed to cheered me up a lot:

Thea sent me a lovely long letter and a an handmade card that - besides the very cool steampunk-y style - has a very nice quote on it that says "I like big books & I cannot lie", and I must admit it made me smile really big β˜Ί

I also received a postcard from Jolien, that features cacti and knits that are both things I really love!

As for outgoing mail: aside from some Etsy orders, I also sent a few belated letters out.

For one of those, I made a "little booklet of things" to store some extras enclosed in the letter (can't really say addressed to whom yet!) - nothing too fancy but I really like the bright colors β˜Ί

What did you sent/received this week? β™₯

Ζ’. xx