Mailbox Monday: catching up

Last week I had my last class for the semester, so I had the chance to also catch up on some mail. I sent out this little booklet to Thea. Inside there's a pocket with a few paper goodies, and the letter is a pully one β˜Ί

Besides the huge package I got from Jennie, I also got a few lovely letters. This one is from Mehreen in Pakistan; look how gorgeous that picture of the Badshahi Mosque is!

This one is from Gert, instead. I wish I could show you a close up of her incredible handwriting. I've never seen such a tiny yet perfectly readable penmanship β™₯

Did you send or receive anything this week?

Ζ’. xx

Mailbox Monday: a huge box of awesome

A while back I was so incredibly lucky to win a giveaway hosted by Jennie on Instagram, and today, I woke up to find this huge box of awesome goodies at my doorstep.

Here's what I saw inside:

I had already seen the gorgeous canvas bag she customized for me, but in person it is even more beautiful. I'm all about vintage illustrations, and there are a few among the ones che used that I find particularly pretty.

And then, after I opened all the little parcels, it was a complete explosion of Tim Holtz goodies (that may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I love them so much, and I always wanted to buy some but they're unavailable in my country, and Ebay sellers have some crazy shipping rates) that I'm still unpacking and carefully storing in my stash.

I can't wait to use them in my journals, scrapbook, planner, and everything else *heart eyes emoji*

Have you ever used these goodies for your crafts? If so, I'd love to see!

Ζ’. xx

#SPSH Reveal Day pt. 2

Yesterday I shared what I received from my swap partner, so today, here's a few pictures of what I've sent out to Alicia, my secret penpal from Spain β˜Ί

  • the first thing I decided to make for her is a mix CD; I love making and receiving them, and thought of giving her one with the songs I've been listening to while drawing lately.
  • the "Bad Day Survival Kit": Alicia wrote she likes flowers so I got her a little themed box and filled it with things that, to me, make a good pick-me-up when I'm feeling quite miserable - a cupcake scented candle, tea, some bath soaps, and a pocket mirror, everything accompanied by a watercolor illustration of the kit (you can download it here).
  • Something with her monogram: I decorated a little heart shaped box with leaves and lace, and filled it with mini rolls of washi tape, craft peggs, and other little embellishments.
  • Something oddly shaped: a set of woodland creatures shaped erasers (β—‘β€Ώβ—‘βœΏ)

And not pictured: something that represents me - that was a little bundle of goodies from my etsy shop and a couple of my prints; and the extra gift for her that was a floral notebook and a roll of decorative tape in a travel theme.

Here's everything wrapped up and ready to go~

Again, I've had so much fun with this swap, and I can't wait the new one already!

Ζ’. β™₯

#SPSH2015 Reveal Day!

By the end of February, I hosted a new edition of the Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt. It was really thrilling and satisfying to see over 80 people joining and having fun putting together their parcels β˜Ί and today, it's finally time to reveal what we all received from our secret penpal!

Before I continue, I'd like to point out that I took part to the swap as well, but my partner's identity was as much of a surprise as it was for anyone else. I always have my sister handling the email to the person that sends to me, so that I can have a little bit of mystery as well.

That said, my partner ended up being the wonderful Alex from devalayermail, and here's what she sent me:

  • Something oddly shaped: the cutest handmade mail-themed patch that I need to sew on my backpack ASAP!
  • Something old fashioned: some vintage ephemera bits - they're going right into my scrapbookοΌˆγ£οΌΎβ–ΏοΌΎοΌ‰
  • the "Bad Day" Survival Kit: it included popcorn tea (!), a deliciously looking cookie recipe, and some 'pick me up' movie mini zines - very creative!
  • Something that represent her: a very cute list pad to represent her being crazy about to-do lists (something I can totally relate to) that happen to be in my fave color as well!
  • the "Postal Freak's Kit": a lovely bundle of airmail goodness, accompanied by an handmade little booklet with some mint stamps inside! I might be obsessed with it. 

And last but not least, something for me based on my likes: she chose to send me a planner starting kit, and I couldn't have hoped for anything nicer! As you may know I'm on a planning kick and anything related to it is very very much appreciated, but this kit is simply adorable and I can't wait to put it to good use β™₯ 

So, thank you so much Alex for being such an awesome secret penpal β˜Ί & to anyone else who joined this 2015 round! I'll be looking forward to hosting it again in the future for sure!

If you wrote a post or took pictures of what you sent and received, feel free to link/share them on my Facebook page so I can see β˜Ί

Much love to you all, and stay tuned tomorrow to see what I got for my secret penpal!

Ζ’. x

Mailbox Monday: Scandinavian love

After a few weeks of very sad mailbox silence, I finally received some lovely letters!

I got an envelope full of beautiful paper, tea and ephemera from Angelica in Sweden β™₯

A long letter and a beautiful tag from Thea in Norway (I'm always so impressed with her crafts.. isn't the tag so good?!):

& I also received a letter from Maddie, finally! We've been having so many troubles with the post lately, it was so good to hear from her again:

On a side note, look at that pineapple man badge!! Isn't it the most random and cute thing ever? I need to find a good place to display it, I love it!

Lastly, last week or so I sent a letter to Jess that I don't think I'd shared here on the blog, so here it is β˜Ί

I hope your mailbox has been full & happy!

Ζ’. x

Mailbox Monday: all pastel everything!

Hey guys! Last week was such a mess - I had an exam and some issues with my Uni that I needed to fix - so I barely had any time to dedicate to letter writing.

The very little time I had, however, I used it proficiently (thank you Filofax!) and I was able to write a letter to Thea β™₯ 

I used my pink crystal letter set for it, and I also made some stickers to decorate the envelope.

Then, I sent out the Chain Letter Short Story Project to the next participant in the US, and I've started writing my reply to Jessica, and I'm almost done with it as well β˜Ί

Now onto some pretty sweet incoming mail:

a while back I won a voucher on IG for a shop called Present&Correct, which I also had the chance to visit a few times when I've been to London last time: their stuff is amazing! It's really quirky and colorful, and they have an assortment of vintage goodies as well that are to die for!

Anyway, with my voucher I got a lovely spearmint envelope pouch, and a yellow mechanical pencil. To say that I'm obsessed is quite an understatement.

That's it for today! β˜Ί What did you find in your mailbox last week? 

Ζ’. xx

Mailbox Monday: Chain Letter Short Story

A few days ago I received a letter from Portugal from an address I didn't recognize. It was from Ana, which I soon found out is another girl who joined Jessica's chain letter short story project!

Basically, she started a short story, and us 6 participants in between will have to write the rest, one by one, until the last will send it back to her, and she'll write the end of it.

Such an interesting, little project isn't it? I've always secretly dreamed of being a writer, and this kind of things really make my imagination run wild!

So now I got my moleskine out to jot down ideas, my typewrite ready to type my page, and actually a lot of pressure on - because everyone before me was so good - but I'm excited to contribute to it! 

Have you ever joined a short story project like this one? β˜Ί

Ζ’. xx

Mailbox Monday: overdue festive letters

Christmas time is renowned for being very tricky when it comes to mail delivery. In the past I've seen so many of my letters and cards getting lost in December that I've lost count, as well as many of the letter I was supposed to receive from my oversea friends.

Now, we're almost two full weeks into January, but I would still like to share with you two Christmas letters I received just now, of which I don't even mind the delay, I'm just glad they made it safely in the end!

With her letter, Thea sent me some lovely handmade tags, which I'm definitely saving for next year - I know my sister will love the pink one! - and some post-it notes and embellishments that are going straight into my stash of things for my new scrapbook!

Gert, instead, sent me this gorgeous airmail themed pouch that I absolutely adore (how could I not?!) and it's perfect to keep all my scrapbooking supplies - see above *wink wink*

& last but not least, Jessica sent me what is probably the longest letter I've ever received to this day, and it blew me away with all the positivity and love in it - gosh. She also enclosed another of her zines, that I'm eager to read and review, if anyone's interested β˜Ί

I hope your festive mail was delivered safely! β™₯

Much love, Ζ’. x