Freebie Friday: Mail Doodles

Hi guys! Today I wanted to share with you another little letter set! It's nothing fancy, but I've personally gone a bit "back to basics" with my letters, lately. Sometimes I like them to be more polished rather than full of washi tape, stickers and decorations; so I've made this simple design with a couple of doodles from my sketchpad.

> You can download it here <

Hope you like it! Ζ’. x

Freebie Friday: Summer Bucket List

Hello friends! It's been a while since the last freebie I posted, and with summer kicking in, I thought I'd make something seasonal!

I've made a colorful "Summer Bucket List", perfect to share with your penpals, to use in your planner, or simply to keep track of all the fun stuff you want to do this summer β˜Ί 

It comes in two versions: with borders, or blank.

Click here to download the format you prefer: A5 blank | A5 bordersA4 blank | A4 borders

but remember that you can scale them to pretty much any size using your printing software of choice.

I hope you like them!

Ζ’. xx

Let's talk about books! #1 (freebie)

This year I promised myself to get back into books. Don't get me wrong, I never stopped loving books, and reading in general, but with classes and exams I couldn't focus on leisure reading as much as I wanted to.

Since January, I've now read 5 books, which may not seem that much to those of you avid readers, but to me is kind of a big deal, considering that it is probably more than I've read in the past two years - although I'm quite ashamed to admit it.

Now that I have this newfound hobby, I decided to make it even more fun by keeping track of my books both online (I have a Goodreads account, if you want to be friends there!) and in my planner, and I even made a little printable for it.

β†’  click here to download personal size | A5 size β†

I also started to enjoy reviewing them. Of course, I'm by no means qualified to do that, I'm not even sure any of my reviews can actually be called so, but since none of my offline friends is into reading, it's kind of a way to still be able to discuss them. Like a solo book club :P

Anyway, do you keep track of the books you read? And do you enjoy sharing your thoughts on them with the world? β˜Ί I'd love to know!

Ζ’. xx


Freebie Friday: Happy Spring

Hi guys! A while back I shared a phone background and lots of you seem to have liked it, so I decided to share one more today β˜Ί

BUT, I'm still all about stationery printables, so you also get it in A5 format (but you can also downscale it, if you need it smaller), that you can print & post to your mail pals!

β†’  click here to download: iphone | tablet | A5  β†

As usual, let me know how you like it and if you end up using it, I'd love to see!

Enjoy β™₯

Ζ’. x

Freebie Friday: yummy background

Mhmh, who likes smoothies? I do! Especially since a juice place opened right midway from my house and my Uni, and it's quickly become an obligatory stop every time I have a 6+h lecture.

Anyway, I made a little doodle inspired by a very delicious mango + banana + apple smoothie I've had the other day, and I thought of making a sweet (hehe) phone background for ya'll. 

β†’  click here to download it β†

What's your fave smoothie (or juice) combo?

Enjoy! Ζ’. xx

Happy Valentine's Day + Freebie

Hey guys! Happy Valentine's Day β™₯ I just wanted to wish you all a lovely day, whether you're gonna spend it with your partner, your friends, or even just in the company of your pets β˜Ί

If you need a last minute card, or if you're into Project Life, I've made an A4 sheet with 4 different cards with cool metallic hand-lettering (like the one above) in rose gold, gold, and silver + black w/ gold glitters, that you can download using the link below!

β†’  click here to download it β†


Ζ’. xx

Freebie Friday: Valentine's Day Card

How do you feel about Valentine's day?

I'm not the biggest fan, to be honest. I never really celebrate it, and luckily, my boyfriend doesn't care for it either. Maybe it's because I can't eat chocolate, or maybe it's because "romantic" is not an adjective that goes well with me, but still, I do understand why some people enjoy it; so, to avoid feeling like the Grinch of V's day, I made a printable card you can customize and send to your loved one, your friends, Glen Coco.. anyone your heart desires!

β†’  click here to download β†

Simply download it, print it on a A4 or A5 sheet, and then fold it along the black lines. I left it blank, text-wise, so you can customize it the way you prefer ☺

I hope you like it! And if you use print it out, please show me - I'd love to see! β™₯

Ζ’. xx

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