I'm Fab (which unfortunately, no, it doesn't stand for fabulous - it's just the short version of my long Italian name).
I'm a 20-something freelance illustrator and creative designer, currently living in London, with a passion for snail mail and anything related to stationery.

Why SnailMailLove?
As the name of my blog suggest, I love letter writing and snail mail; I've been penpalling since I was 12 years old! Being an illustrator, I combine those two passions of mine by often creating stationery for my Etsy shop, or that I can use for my letters (that I also share for free!).
On here, you’re likely to find pictures of my incoming/outgoing correspondence, my artworks, snippets from my travels, and stationery eye candy.
If you fancy a chat or want to ask me anything, feel free to hit me up at @SnailMailLove_ on Twitter or drop me a line using the "contact" page above!

Thanks for reading!
ƒ. xx

Disclaimer: I may occasionally feature products that I've been sent for review. For full disclosure, all those products will be marked (*), but I'm not being paid for reviewing them and my opinions will be 100% honest. Paid sponsored posts will be marked as such, but my opinion will be completely honest regardless.

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