Filofax 101 for Beginners (part 3)

I'm fairly new to the Filofax world myself, but after having done a lot of research before buying my first one, I've collected quite a few tips I'd like to share with anyone who might be thinking of getting started as well. 

Part 3 - initial setup

So, you've picked up your Filofax and you've chosen the right diary for you: it's not time to assemble your organizer and let the fun start! There is no scheme to follow for this part, or any real suggestion I can give you, all you need to do is asking yourself: what kind of sections do I need?

To help you, or maybe inspire you, in this decision, I'm going to show you how my Filofax is divided and what kind of inserts I use (and bonus! Some of them will be available for free download ☺)

So, my Filofax is divided into 5 sections: Diary, Mail, Blog, Money, and Lists.

Having a pocket size Filofax, I went for a week on a page diary inserts that I designed myself.

Being a full time student I don't have an excessively busy everyday schedule, and this type of diary give just as much space as I need; I also use a calendar view of the month where I highlight important dates (such as birthdays, exams..) so that I can have an overview of what's to come for that month.

For my Blog section, I designed some pretty simple inserts that help me keep track of my blogging activities. Next to the post title, I thick the bubble speech icon if I've written the post, the camera icon if I've taken pictures, and finally the list icon when the post is published. It's pretty basic but if you're like me and like to plan posts in advance, it will be extremely useful!

Not shown in the picture, in the Blog section I also have some normal lined pages inserts where I write notes, ideas and sometimes even text for my blog posts ideas.

For my Money section, I designed some pretty simple inserts as well (you may have figured out by now that I don't really like excessive frills). I write when and what I buy, tick the corresponding icon if I paid in cash, with my card, or with Paypal, and then how much I spent.

At the end of the month I use a green sticker if I stayed in the budget with a large margin, a blue one if I barely make it, or a red sticker if I exceed it.

Then we come to my Mail section. Here I have a list of my penpals, and then these mail log inserts that allow me to keep track of my incoming and outgoing mail, as well as keeping notes for each letter I send out (e.g. if it was a parcel, if I included stickers, and so on).

Lastly, there's my Lists section, which is really self-explanatory: I use it for any kind of list.

I keep a monthly to-do list, and then using the numbered dividers that came with the Filofax, I also keep random lists (for example: my grocery lists, my wishlist...). 

And that's it! I apologize for not showing pages that are actually filled with informations but I still hope you can get an idea! Which sections do you have in your Filofax?

Download the inserts:

I hope this helps ☺ Thanks for reading,

Ζ’. xx