Travelling Notebook

A little bit longer than 2 years ago, I decided to have a little notebook travelling around Europe to 8 different people, giving them the task to complete 4 pages in a creative way.

The project was really nice, it went smoothly and I loved the outcome of it, and since I've found another small notebook such as that one, I thought why not giving the travelling notebook another go!


I'm looking for 8 people (preferably from Europe but if I don't meet the number I may accept people from other countries as well) willing to participate in this round of the project.

You'll have to fill 4 pages (8 front/back): 1 about you, 1 about your town/country, and 2 in the theme you want. You can use any style you like: collage, drawing, painting.. anything you fancy! Just try and stay away from using materials that are too heavy not to weight down the notebook too much to keep the postage costs as low as possible.

If you're interested, please comment below with your blog url+country and I'll pick 8 people and get in touch β˜Ί I'd like to have the notebook on route by the end of the month, and back to me by February. Anyway, I'll email further instructions to all of you that are going to join!

I hope some of you will be interested, it should be fun!

Ζ’. xx