Mailbox Monday: big books and little booklets

Last week has been pretty sad mail-wise. I've received the very sad news that 2 letters I sent a while back got lost, as well as one that I was supposed to have received already for a while still hasn't shown up, but alas, this is a known risk.

However, I still got some pretty mail that managed to cheered me up a lot:

Thea sent me a lovely long letter and a an handmade card that - besides the very cool steampunk-y style - has a very nice quote on it that says "I like big books & I cannot lie", and I must admit it made me smile really big β˜Ί

I also received a postcard from Jolien, that features cacti and knits that are both things I really love!

As for outgoing mail: aside from some Etsy orders, I also sent a few belated letters out.

For one of those, I made a "little booklet of things" to store some extras enclosed in the letter (can't really say addressed to whom yet!) - nothing too fancy but I really like the bright colors β˜Ί

What did you sent/received this week? β™₯

Ζ’. xx