Stationery Spotlight: my Filofax essentials

It is granted that getting a Filofax can be an quite an investment, but that doesn't mean that also having fun with it must be expensive as well! Today I'm gonna show you my Filofax "essentials" that I use to organize my life which I'm sure you're gonna find - if not all, most of them - already in your stash.

  • Highlighter: great to write off your completed tasks.
  • Gel pen: it's just my type of pen of choice to use in my Filofax but any other pen will do to write your everyday tasks and lists.
  • Colored pens: I sometimes like to color code my informations, for example, I write my expenses in red and my incoming in green and so on, to make it easier to recognize at first glance.
  • Round stickers: or any other sticker set you like, really - are very useful to mark tasks using the color coding method. For example, I use them to manage my monthly budget: at  the end of the month, a red sticker means I exceeded it, a green one that I stayed in, etc. And that's really helpful to keep an easy stat on how you do every month.
  • Page tabs: what they're used for is pretty obvious, but they can be rectangular, rounded, tall, short, any way you prefer.
  • Paper clips: are always good to keep on the go to make sure that if you have to add something (a note, a receipt...) to a particular page, you can easily do it making sure it will stay put.
  • Sticky notes: I found them to be great when you don't have much space on a page or section and you need to add more information to it  (for example I use a week on one page template for my diary and sometimes the day space isn't enough, what I do, I just add one of those little post it notes above so that I can add up what I need without having to go into another day space).

As for some actual tools, I just use a paper cutter - because I print my own inserts and I'm rubbish with scissors - and a regular hole puncher I got years and years ago, that use on any type of insert simply using a template as guide.

What are your essentials? Do you have any suggestions for me? β˜Ί

Ζ’. xx