Mailbox Monday: Autumn lights

This week has been quite positive for my mailbox! I've received quite a few letters, and I loved each of them.

I got a first letter from Pattie, and along with her lovely words, she sent me lots of beautiful Polish postcards:

I then got something from a long lost friend. I've never been lucky with mail from/to India, and I'm afraid our correspondence just suddenly stop because of the issues we were having.

Anyway, Amit thought of me for this year's Diwali festivity, and sent me a beautiful card and letter in theme with it.

Last but not least, I received my copy of the 'Winged Snail Mail minizine', which the author kindly sent to me since I was featured in it with an interview about the Postal Society!

How exciting β˜Ί expect a review soon!

I also sent out some letters.. but I'll show you more of them next Monday as I don't want to spoil a couple of surprise to some people β™₯

How was your mail week?

Ζ’. xx