Flow Magazine’s “Book for Paper Lovers” vol 2

If you don't already know, Flow Magazine is a Dutch magazine (but with English editions as well) that is all about paper, creative inspiration, stationery and all that good stuff. Last year they released a book titled Book For Paper Lovers, and the second edition came out on November 18th, and of course I had to put my hands on it. I reviewed the first one here, and today I thought I'd give you a quick rundown of what's inside this one in case you may want to pick this up for Christmas.

If the first book left a lot of us speechless for the huge quantity of paper goodies included, this one will double, if not triple up that number, since the graphics included are even prettier than the preceding edition.

Something that makes this book amazing as it is, is the chance of flipping through the pages and discover and admire one by one all the cutesy stickers, the letter paper, the fun craft projects.. so I won't be including lots of pictures in this post, you're gonna have to know just enough about it, and you're gonna have to get it to uncover this magic paper world!

Some of the things you're gonna find inside include: mini postcards, buntings, tags, letter paper, envelopes… address labels, beautiful quotes, wrapping paper, quirky and interesting crafts projects, such as an adorable raccoon paper doll.. and much more!

Bottom Line

Price: ~$19 USD
My vote: ★★★★★

If you're a paper junkie and need a versatile paper source in your life, get this book, seriously, what are you waiting for?! It also makes a wonderful gift for the paper lover in your life ♥

If you have this book, please let me know how you're planning on using it, and which paper goods are your favorite!

ƒ. xx