Workspace Wednesday: pencil case tag

Not so long ago, it went around Instagram this tag called "what's in my pencil case".

I've never been tagged, because I'm not one of the cool cats, but I decided to do it anyway ☺ so here goes:

In my pencil case I keep my most used pens for letter writing, so that if I have to go somewhere where I know I'll be able to get on writing, it's easy to just pick up and pack in my bag.

From left to right, here's what's inside:

  1. Pentel Hybrid Gel Grip white ink pen // it's great to add accents to any kraft envelope.
  2. Muji 0.5 black ink gel pen // my lettering pen of choice.
  3. Purple highlighter // to crosso the names off my list of to-reply-to.
  4. Low Carbon 0.35 black ink gel pen // my writing pen of choice at the minute.
  5. Pencil // just in case - it can always come in handy.
  6. Emergency paperclips // if I need to bind something together.

What are your pencil case essentials? 

♥ ƒ.