Book review: Book for Paper Lovers

Flow Magazine’s “Book for Paper Lovers”

If you don't already know, Flow Magazine is a Dutch magazine (but with English editions as well) that is all about paper, creative inspiration, stationery and all that good stuff. Last year they released a book titled Book For Paper Lovers, and since a second edition is coming out on November 18th, I thought I'd review the first one (which is still available on their website) so that if you're a paper fan as well, you may consider checking it out;

Very rarely I’ve seen a book perfectly described by its 4 letters title like this one is.

The “Book for Paper Lovers” is exactly what it says it is, if not more!

It is in fact a collection of more than 300 stationery goodies that are so varied and beautifully illustrated, that are sure to fit anyone’s liking.

Whether you love tea, animals, flowers, architecture and whatnot, you'll definitely find something in that theme in the book. 

Inside, you’ll find gorgeous mini postcards, tags, letter paper, envelopes… beautiful quotes, wrapping paper, quirky and interesting crafts projects, such as a pop-up page and a "peep box" to assemble.

Literally, a little bit of everything for all your paper needs.

Oh and, did I mention stickers? Because there are tons of them in it, too.

If you’re into snail mail like me, not only you are going to love this book, but your penpals will love you as well if you’ll send them any of the goodies included, I can vouch for that!

Bottom Line

Price: ~$19 USD
My vote: ★★★★½

Definitely get this book if you love paper goods (duh!), stationery, letter writing, or even if you just want pretty things to decorate your walls with!

If you have this book, let me know how do you like it, and which paper goods are your fave!

ƒ. xx