Mailbox Monday: Upcycling Prints

The other day I was going through a batch of my prints I have at home, and I bumped into some faulty ones. Of course I couldn't have just wasted them and throw them away, so I cut the illustrations out of them and used them to decorate some outgoing mail:

I used the biggest one to decorate an otherwise quite plain envelope (headed to Jane in Prague), and made some stickers out of the smaller ones, just using double sided tape (which I prefer to glue so they don't crease!), and used them to decorate some letter paper, easy peasy! 

Although it's not a groundbreaking technique, I feel like sometimes we can forget the simplest of things, so if you have any cute cut out from a magazine or a newspaper, just cut them out and decorate with them!

Do you have any simple hack to suggest? β˜Ί

Ζ’. xx