Workspace Wednesday: Lettering in Process

Probably like many other fellow creatives out there, I often go through stages in which my inspiration is only canalized towards one field. It could be anything, from mailart, to photography.. and last month it definitely was all about hand-lettering.

Essentially, lettering is the art of drawing letters; it has not to be confused with typography (the design of a typeface - often to be used for press) or calligraphy (which is more similar, but it requires the words to be executed in one brush stroke).

I'm still very much an amateur, but I really enjoy this creative outlet nonetheless; I love how more creative and unique any piece ends up being, and even tho it still has its rules for form and presentation, I think you can have very fun results even experimenting a little bit!

I was working on some snailmail related quotes to go on some postcards, and they are now available in my shop ☺

What do you prefer: lettering, typography, or calligraphy?

Ζ’. xx