DIY Mini Postbox

Hello friends! Today I have a little DIY project I want to share with you!
It's super simple but I think the result is really cute; it's a mini postbox box!


a wooden box  |  acrylic paint  |  optional: some wooden letters  |  hot glue gun

As I said, it's extremely easy to make:

  1. paint your wooden box red (or the color of the postboxes local to you)
  2. add some details; in my case I simply added a post horn, but you can also add the sticker with the pick up schedule, for example.
  3. the final touch is to use the hot glue gun to apply the wooden letters that spell 'post', but if you can't find any, you can simply write it out with paint and it would still look nice!

Now what's left to do, is to fill it with postal goodies and mail it to a friend!

I hope you liked it & please let me know if you recreate it! β˜Ί

Ζ’. xx