Freebie Friday: Valentine's Day Card

How do you feel about Valentine's day?

I'm not the biggest fan, to be honest. I never really celebrate it, and luckily, my boyfriend doesn't care for it either. Maybe it's because I can't eat chocolate, or maybe it's because "romantic" is not an adjective that goes well with me, but still, I do understand why some people enjoy it; so, to avoid feeling like the Grinch of V's day, I made a printable card you can customize and send to your loved one, your friends, Glen Coco.. anyone your heart desires!

β†’  click here to download β†

Simply download it, print it on a A4 or A5 sheet, and then fold it along the black lines. I left it blank, text-wise, so you can customize it the way you prefer ☺

I hope you like it! And if you use print it out, please show me - I'd love to see! β™₯

Ζ’. xx

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