Mailbox Monday: Chain Letter Short Story

A few days ago I received a letter from Portugal from an address I didn't recognize. It was from Ana, which I soon found out is another girl who joined Jessica's chain letter short story project!

Basically, she started a short story, and us 6 participants in between will have to write the rest, one by one, until the last will send it back to her, and she'll write the end of it.

Such an interesting, little project isn't it? I've always secretly dreamed of being a writer, and this kind of things really make my imagination run wild!

So now I got my moleskine out to jot down ideas, my typewrite ready to type my page, and actually a lot of pressure on - because everyone before me was so good - but I'm excited to contribute to it! 

Have you ever joined a short story project like this one? β˜Ί

Ζ’. xx