Mailbox Monday: all pastel everything!

Hey guys! Last week was such a mess - I had an exam and some issues with my Uni that I needed to fix - so I barely had any time to dedicate to letter writing.

The very little time I had, however, I used it proficiently (thank you Filofax!) and I was able to write a letter to Thea ♥ 

I used my pink crystal letter set for it, and I also made some stickers to decorate the envelope.

Then, I sent out the Chain Letter Short Story Project to the next participant in the US, and I've started writing my reply to Jessica, and I'm almost done with it as well ☺

Now onto some pretty sweet incoming mail:

a while back I won a voucher on IG for a shop called Present&Correct, which I also had the chance to visit a few times when I've been to London last time: their stuff is amazing! It's really quirky and colorful, and they have an assortment of vintage goodies as well that are to die for!

Anyway, with my voucher I got a lovely spearmint envelope pouch, and a yellow mechanical pencil. To say that I'm obsessed is quite an understatement.

That's it for today! ☺ What did you find in your mailbox last week? 

ƒ. xx