Workspace Wednesday: Filofax Update

One of my New Year's resolutions is to keep up with my Filofax and continue to be as organized as possible. It worked out pretty well, against all odds, last year, so I'm hoping to get even better now that I have a little more experience with it.

My setup hasn't changed much: I still keep business cards and emergency paper clips in the front card slots, and a bunch of cutesy page flags inside the pocket. Although it's a very common practice to change the dashboard page quite often, I just kept my old one because I still really love it.

I decided not to print my own inserts (yet) for my diary section, because as I've said countless times, my life is not that busy, and it just wouldn't be worth the effort. I decided to go with the Paperchase own brand 'week on a page' inserts, instead, which aren't the most beautiful and creative (but better than the Filofax ones, that's for sure), that I'm going to jazz them up with some washi tape and stickers as I go.

Since my go-to pen is black, I use some good old Stabilo Mini pens to add some color accents here and there, and to highlight important or completed tasks. 

Something else I've been doing to make it more colorful and fun-looking, is hole punching some cards and using them to accentuate holidays, birthdays and such β˜Ί

There are so many planner pros out there, that I almost feel out of place sharing my very modest Filofax, but I've realized that as much as I enjoy looking at those people's pretty and super stuffed planners, the method that works best for me is 'simple and basic', otherwise I can't focus and the whole purpose of it is lost. 

How do you like your planner, instead?

Ζ’. x β™₯