Workspace Wednesday: my dip pen

As you may know, hand lettering is my current love. So far I haven't explored many stiles yet, but thanks to a gift I received this past Christmas (shoutout to my boyfriend for indulging on my stationery needs ♥), I can now delve into the world of dipping pen calligraphy!

I've only had this pen for roughly 3 weeks, but I fell in love with it so much that I already ordered a bunch of colored inks, and a few new nibs to experiment with different styles. Sure is, it can be a little frustrating at the beginning to get the hang of it. I have no problems with fountain pens, but having to dose the ink manually here, has been quite challenging.

Being new to this, I've also been reading a lot about how to use it, and I'm thinking of posting some tips and tricks here as I go, so that if any of you is interested in picking up this hobby we can learn together if you'd like! ☺

Have you ever tried using a dip pen?

ƒ. xx