Stationery Spotlight: Monthly Picks

Yes, I know. Just the other day I said I wanted to clear out my bottomless stash of stationery, yet here I am today writing about more stationery I want! (ಥ_ಥ) In my defense, however, I've put myself on a spending ban until mid November, so there's no risk I'm going to buy any of these.. yet! But enough talking, let me show you some serious stationery eye candy:

1. Paperchase 'Mystic Rose' Collection: mmh, muted floral patterns, black, rose gold, AND skulls all in one collection? I mean, not that Paperchase ever had to try that hard to get me to reach for my credit card, but now this is ridiculous! Can I have one of everything, please?

2. Kikki K 'Be Brave' Collection: I have an obsession with sticky notes, even better if they're pastel toned.

3. Desk Essentials: I love my agenda, it really changed the way I manage my time, and they also have lots of other amazing goodies.

And you, have you got your eyes on any stationery eye candy? ☺ If so, please feel free to share, I've still got plenty of room on my wishlist! *wink wink*

ƒ. x

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