DIY Envelope Booklet

Hey guys, today I have a very simple DIY project to share with you ☺ if you want to lear how to make an envelope booklet, keep reading!


  • scrapbooking paper (the one I used is 36x13cm/14x5in)
  • three or more envelopes or paper bags
  • hole puncher
  • thread or twine
  • scissors + paper clip
  • and a mix of stationery and ephemera to decorate it


  1. Fold your piece of scrapbooking paper in half (make sure it is big enough to contain your envelopes - otherwise you can trim them).
  2. Insert the envelopes sideways into the cover making sure the openings are all on the right side.
  3. Use the paper clip to hold them together and punch two holes on the left hand side.
  4. Secure everything together with a piece of thread.

Now you have your base; All that's left to do is to decorate it as you please, and fill the envelopes with a letter and goodies for your friend!

I hope you like this! Of course you can customize it as you wish: making it bigger or smaller, adding more envelopes.. and so on. As usual, if you recreate this, please let me know, I would love to see your creations ☺

ƒ. xx

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