Mini Desk Tour

Looking at other people's desks is one of my favourite thing! It' such a great way to get a feel of their personality, I think; for this reason, I quickly want to point out that my desk isn't always this tidy (and yes, this is tidy to me, ahem), just to make sure you don't forget that I usually live in chaos.

My desk is an old wooden one from Ikea, and it's pretty small considering that my computer fills almost half of it.


On the left hand side, I've got another Ikea piece, this little wooden drawer unit that I customized with white paint and washi  tape.

I also removed two drawers from int because I find it more practical to store things I use frequently in way that I can easily pick them up and put them back without rummaging through the drawers. The two I removed, I now use as dividers in other storage unit that it's under my desk.

On the top of it, I've got a palmistry hand (I'm not really into palm reading, honestly, I just really liked the design), a pencil shaped money bank, an oversized decorative peg, and a monogrammed mug that holds way too many pens.

Above my computer I've got my inspiration board, which also displays lots of things that my penpals sent me throughout the years. Next to it, there's a banner I commissioned to Tania a while ago, and I love it so much! It really makes me in a good mood every time I get a glimpse of it ☺

Lastly, there's a shelf of randomness, which as the name suggests, it's home to a lot of random stuff. Besides books and an old Polarioid that stopped working many years ago, there are a few figurines - Edward Scissorhands, a Kokeshi doll, and Danbo -, some weird animal porcelain thingies that belonged to my grandma, and a pokΓ©mon toy. Like I said, random is the keyword to describe this mess!

I would really love to have a minimalistic space like those you see all over Pinterest, with a squeaky clean white desk, a potted plant, a pencil case and nothing more, but unfortunately that's not how I roll. I tried getting rid of all the unnecessary things, but it really felt unlike me, so I put everything back on again - I like it way more like this, even if it's not Pinterest-worthy!

What does your desk says about you? β˜Ί

Ζ’. x

P.S. have you spotted the pink cartoon poopy? :D

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