My Autumn Soundtrack

Since discovering Spotify - which was actually just recently, this past summer - I’ve been making monthly playlists. I really like being able to associate songs to a memory or a specific period, and this way I have an organized archive of all the songs that I enjoy month by month.

This one is my playlist for this October:

Probably like most people, I've had quite a music journey throughout the years. Back in middle school, I was very passionate about rap music and hip hop (I had a framed picture of Eminem, like seriously); in high school I joined the punk movement and leaned towards metal as well, with a brief emo phase in-between, but let’s not go there. Then I got into dubstep, and stuff like that, and then I joined the hipsters on the indie side. 

However, especially in the past few years I’ve learned to enjoy music regardless of genre, and now I listen to anything I enjoy, so I hope you’ll be able to find something nice in my playlist that appeals to your tastes ☺

Did you go through any music phase, too?

ƒ. xx

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