Mailbox Monday: from/to the Netherlands

Last month I joined Jessica's Notebook + Pen Swap, and I ended up being paired by chance with my friend Janine! She sent me a huge parcel full of great things, and today I wanted to share them with you.


I don't remember exactly what I wrote as my preferences for the notebook when I joined the swap, but I'm pretty sure the one she sent me ticks all the boxes! As pens, she sent me two Pigma Micron, and I kind of gasped when I saw them as I always wanted to try them but they're really hard to find here.

It's been a while now, but I'm still very happy and grateful for all the thoughtfulness that went into it (and I'm also still dreaming of that chocolate bar.. wasn't it delicious!). Anyway, the least I could do was to send her a thank you card, and so I did!


I also sent her a little illustrated portrait of herself (she has very cool hair, don't you think?) and a little baggie of my handmade stickers ☺