The No-Tools-Required DIY Notebook

After I shared my “a day in the life” notebook, I was asked how I had made it. 

I’m not really good at paper crafts so I used a very simple technique that doesn’t involve any fancy equipment but only things you’re very likely to already have in your craft room.



  1. Fold the paper in half to create the shape of the book.
  2. Open the book, and using the ruler and the pencil you can measure where you want your binding to be, but I personally just eyeball it. Now, take the push pin and insert it through the pages from the inside out, and make an even number of holes. Depending on how thick your thread is, you may want to fiddle the pin around a little bit to loosen and enlarge the hole enough for it to pass through it.
  3. When all the holes are done, take your thread and starting from the last hole, insert it from the outside in. Tie a knot on the outer end of the thread, and insert the other one into the remaining holes, and then tie another knot and cut the excess.

And you’re done.

It’s a very easy, entry-level notebook making technique, so it’s nothing fancy, but if you use a nice paper and a colorful thread, I think it make quite cute books anyway!

Instead of the push pin and the thread, you could also use a needle and cotton, but I find the final result less appealing.

I hope you like this!

ƒ. x