Easy DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper (3 Ways)

One of my favourite things about Christmas is wrapping presents; I enjoy it so much that in my house I've always been the designed wrapper, which is a role I very happily embrace. However, I'm really fussy about my wrapping paper, I don't like the overly colorful and cluttered designs, I'm more of a minimalistic-yet-still-festive kind of person. Very often, in fact, I make my own wrapping paper, and today I wanted to share with you a very simple DIY to customise even further your Christmas presents ☺


  • A sheet of plain wrapping paper
  • Acrylic paint or ink (I use green but feel free to spice it up!)
  • Something triangular to use as a stamp (I use a piece of foam, but you can use anything else you have laying around your house - you can even carve it from a potato!)
  • A black marker 
  • A silver/gold/white marker


As it says in the title, this DIY is for a wrapping paper "3 ways" or in other words, each of the steps in it can be considered final, depending on how creative you want to go with it.

Step 1: simply stamp your paper with green triangles to make very minimal trees.

Step 2: use your marker to define your trees, adding an outline and details.

Step 3: use an accent color to decorate your little trees. Add lights, baubles, tinsel.. or anything else you like to make them look even more festive!


Of course you can use this same method to decorate envelopes as well. Anyway, I hope you liked it and that it may come in handy β™₯

Do you have any suggestions for new ways of decorating wrapping paper?

Ζ’. x