#SPSH Reveal Day pt. 2

Yesterday I shared what I received from my swap partner, so today, here's a few pictures of what I've sent out to Alicia, my secret penpal from Spain ☺

  • the first thing I decided to make for her is a mix CD; I love making and receiving them, and thought of giving her one with the songs I've been listening to while drawing lately.
  • the "Bad Day Survival Kit": Alicia wrote she likes flowers so I got her a little themed box and filled it with things that, to me, make a good pick-me-up when I'm feeling quite miserable - a cupcake scented candle, tea, some bath soaps, and a pocket mirror, everything accompanied by a watercolor illustration of the kit (you can download it here).
  • Something with her monogram: I decorated a little heart shaped box with leaves and lace, and filled it with mini rolls of washi tape, craft peggs, and other little embellishments.
  • Something oddly shaped: a set of woodland creatures shaped erasers (◡‿◡✿)

And not pictured: something that represents me - that was a little bundle of goodies from my etsy shop and a couple of my prints; and the extra gift for her that was a floral notebook and a roll of decorative tape in a travel theme.

Here's everything wrapped up and ready to go~

Again, I've had so much fun with this swap, and I can't wait the new one already!

ƒ. ♥