#SPSH2015 Reveal Day!

By the end of February, I hosted a new edition of the Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt. It was really thrilling and satisfying to see over 80 people joining and having fun putting together their parcels ☺ and today, it's finally time to reveal what we all received from our secret penpal!

Before I continue, I'd like to point out that I took part to the swap as well, but my partner's identity was as much of a surprise as it was for anyone else. I always have my sister handling the email to the person that sends to me, so that I can have a little bit of mystery as well.

That said, my partner ended up being the wonderful Alex from devalayermail, and here's what she sent me:

  • Something oddly shaped: the cutest handmade mail-themed patch that I need to sew on my backpack ASAP!
  • Something old fashioned: some vintage ephemera bits - they're going right into my scrapbook(っ^▿^)
  • the "Bad Day" Survival Kit: it included popcorn tea (!), a deliciously looking cookie recipe, and some 'pick me up' movie mini zines - very creative!
  • Something that represent her: a very cute list pad to represent her being crazy about to-do lists (something I can totally relate to) that happen to be in my fave color as well!
  • the "Postal Freak's Kit": a lovely bundle of airmail goodness, accompanied by an handmade little booklet with some mint stamps inside! I might be obsessed with it. 

And last but not least, something for me based on my likes: she chose to send me a planner starting kit, and I couldn't have hoped for anything nicer! As you may know I'm on a planning kick and anything related to it is very very much appreciated, but this kit is simply adorable and I can't wait to put it to good use ♥ 

So, thank you so much Alex for being such an awesome secret penpal ☺ & to anyone else who joined this 2015 round! I'll be looking forward to hosting it again in the future for sure!

If you wrote a post or took pictures of what you sent and received, feel free to link/share them on my Facebook page so I can see ☺

Much love to you all, and stay tuned tomorrow to see what I got for my secret penpal!

ƒ. x