Mailbox Monday: a huge box of awesome

A while back I was so incredibly lucky to win a giveaway hosted by Jennie on Instagram, and today, I woke up to find this huge box of awesome goodies at my doorstep.

Here's what I saw inside:

I had already seen the gorgeous canvas bag she customized for me, but in person it is even more beautiful. I'm all about vintage illustrations, and there are a few among the ones che used that I find particularly pretty.

And then, after I opened all the little parcels, it was a complete explosion of Tim Holtz goodies (that may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I love them so much, and I always wanted to buy some but they're unavailable in my country, and Ebay sellers have some crazy shipping rates) that I'm still unpacking and carefully storing in my stash.

I can't wait to use them in my journals, scrapbook, planner, and everything else *heart eyes emoji*

Have you ever used these goodies for your crafts? If so, I'd love to see!

Ζ’. xx