Mailbox Monday: the Travelling Notebook is Back!

Do you remember the Travelling Notebook project I started last year in October? Well, last March, after ~5 months of travelling, it finally came home to me! 

I've had a few scares throughout its journey, but slowly but surely, it always ended up at its destination. 

It left my hometown on November 1th, and travelled to Spain, England, the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, and Belgium!

Each person had to fill in 4 pages: 1 about them, 1 about their town/country, and the remaining 2 with anything they wanted. I must say I'm quite please with the result and it's nice to see many different styles all mixed into one single journal.

Anyway, I finally had time to share it with you all, but Instead of posting a million pictures, I thought I'd try and make a stop-motion kind of video of it,

 to make it a little bit more interesting, hopefully β˜Ί Here it is:

A HUGE thank you to the ladies that made this round possible: Tania, Vanessa, Janine, Thea, Elisabeth, Elodie, & Ramona.

Have you ever joined/hosted a TN project? How did it go?

Ζ’. xx