5 Souvenir Ideas for Your Penpals

Whenever I visit a new place, I love to gather a few souvenirs to send to my pen pals, and I love whenever one of them does the same for me.
Today I thought I'd share a couple of ideas of what to send to your penpal that are a bit more different and creative than just a postcard and a magnet.

1. Vials of sand and sea shells

My absolute favorite thing to do, is collecting small shells from the beach and put them in cute glass vials. You can do it with sand as well, and you can get as creative as you want with them: you can decorate the cork lid by hot gluing a bigger shell on it, or pasting a label with the place and date on which you collected them.

2. Postcard book

Postcards on their own are fine, but you can add an extra touch by collecting a few postcards from different places or of different sights, hole punch them, and create a little booklet. On the back of each postcard you can write something about what they represent, or what you did there, what you liked, etc!

3. Mini travel scrapbook

I'm obsessed with collecting business cards of restaurants and places I visit when I'm on holiday, and I like to include some in my letters too. An easy way to add a little bit of creativity to it, is to make a little booklet (or buy one) and arrange all the bits and bobs (flyers, maps, newspaper clippings, menus...) you collect on your trip. A nice addition would be writing captions for each of them, so your pen pal knows what they're looking at.

4. A day in the life

If you like drawing, this might be a good idea for you: you can illustrate a day (or the highlights of more days) and write a little description for each drawing, to help your friend picture your adventures abroad. If you don't enjoy drawing, you can also do the same thing but with photographs.

5. Stamps

This one might be the most simple idea, but if you have a pen pal that loves and collect stamps, I can assure you they're gonna go crazy if you send them some mint stamps from the country you visited. You just need to locate the nearest post office and you're done!

What do you like to send (or receive) as a memory from a holiday? β˜Ί

Ζ’. x