Get to Know Me!

After many years of blogging, I never really properly introduced myself to all the lovely people that reads my blog.
I don’t really post pictures of myself online, I don’t like to use my full name, and I don’t even have a Facebook profile, all because I like to keep a good level of privacy. However, sometimes I feel like I “know” a few blogger friends that share more personal aspects of their life, and I definitely feel more engaged when I read one of their posts or see an update on a social media. I’m not sure if anyone could say the same about me, though, and it sort of makes me feel awkward in a way. 
That’s why I decided to let myself go a little bit more for once, and share a few things about me so you can get to know me better! (I promise this is a less self-centered post than it sounds!) So here goes nothing.

Hello, my name is Fabrizia, but most people calls me Fab. I’m 24 years old, born in 1991, and I live in a big coastal city in the south of Italy. I’m a month away to finally graduate University *cue angels singing* in psychology and ergonomics, and in the meantime I work as a freelance illustrator. Why did I choose to study psychology instead of an art related bachelor? Well, that’s a story for another time. I sadly never actually studied art in school, all I know is self thought with the help of the internet. 

Now onto some random facts: I’m the oldest of 5 siblings, but I’m the shortest in height. 
I have a very lovely and supportive boyfriend, and a few months ago we celebrated our 6th anniversary (◡‿◡✿). 
I love tattoos, I have three and definitely want more. I would have loved a sleeve if it wasn’t for my stupid skin type.
If I could have an unlimited source of money for something, that would be for traveling.
I’m very messy, but not in a dirty-messy kind of way. I actually spend a lot of time cleaning and organizing my room, it’s just that I can’t seem able to keep it neat for 24h straight.
I love languages! J'ai étudié le français pendant trois ans à l'école, mais Je m'en rappelle plus.
Entiendo español bastante bien, pero lo hablo menos. Todo lo que sé lo he aprendido durante un crucero cuando tenía 16 años y todos los niños eran españoles. (Perhaps none of this makes sense). I also know basic Japanese alphabets and grammar.
Despite being Italian, I don’t actually like pasta that much; I’m more of a rice person. My favorite food is salads, and veggies in general. I’m lactose intolerant and I really miss mozzarella in my life.
I don’t like dancing, or going to clubs, yet I seldom attend a zumba class at the gym. 
I don’t like talking on the phone, both with people I know and strangers. Not to mention talking in public.. I feel anxious only thinking about it.
When I was younger I’ve had a pet snail, a turtle, a duckling, and a rabbit. Now I have a cat, a dog and guinea pig; bottom line, I love animals.
I think my biggest flaw is that I tend to overthink everything too much. That, and being messy, of course.

I’m also not particularly good at coming up with interesting things to say about myself, so on this note, I will wrap up this post.

I hope this wasn't to boring to read, and that you got the chance to learn something more about me.. maybe we have more in common than you though! ☺ Either way, this was my first post for my #DoMoreInOctober project! If you joined too, you can link your post below:

Thank you so much for tuning in!

ƒ. xx