Stationery Spotlight: Flow for Sissy-Boy Notebooks

I've teamed up with Flow Magazine to show you one of their newest products: a line of notebooks made in collaboration with Sissy-Boy, a Dutch lifestyle brand.

Like any other Flow product, they're very nicely designed and include quite a few freebies as well. They're quite large, so you have a lot of room for your writing or drawing! What I like most about those, is that they have different types of paper inside, and for someone like me who likes to go through one notebook at a time, this is perfect; you have lined pages, grid and blank ones, some are colored too, and they all feature cute illustrations here and there.

As I mentioned, they also come with freebies. Regardless of which notebook you decide to go for, you'll find stickers and labels inside, plus another goodie that varies based on the notebooks. The one I decided to go for is the "Me and My Ideas" one, but there's also one for recipes, thoughts, or even family. Mine came with a little notebook that it's the perfect purse-size, so you can carry it around with you at any time.

I might be biased because notebooks are one of my weaknesses, so I love me a good, chunky, multi-purpose one ☺ either way, the quality is really good (they're similar to the Flow Weekly Notebook from 2014 - which I also loved - if not better!), there are so many pages, and don't forget about the cutesy graphics!

If you want to treat yourself or a loved one with one of those, you can find them here. I'm also hosting a little giveaway for the "Me and My Plans" one, so if you're interested in that, make sure to check out my Instagram page ☺

What's your favourite feature in a notebook?

Ζ’. x