Let's Get Inspired!

Inspiration is a very weird thing; it can come from anywhere but at the same time it can be really hard to find.
I’m the sort of person that is either super inspired, bursting with ideas, or completely blank and unable to crate anything. To keep a good balance, or at least to try to, I like to surround myself with creative and talented people so that I'm always around new ideas and inspirational content.

A lot of inspiration comes from two authors, Keri Smith (especially the Wreck This Journal) and Austin Kleon (How to Steal Like and Artist).
Their books really helped through periods of massive creative blocks, and I find myself still flicking through their books when I have troubles being in the zone. Also, Austin Kleon's TED talk is pretty good, you can watch it on youtube.

As for fellow bloggers, artists, and awesome human beings in general, I really love everyone I follow on Instagram and Bloglovin, but I've compiled a little list of those whom I'm particuarly enjoying at the moment.



@pepperandtwine | @seanwes | @thedailyroe | @tvorim_tvarey | @presentandcorrect

Youtube Channels

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And you, where do you find yourself looking for inspiration? Do you have a go-to place? ☺

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