What Do You Need to Start Writing Letters?

If you’re new to letter writing and your interest has started browsing Instagram or reading blogs, it might be really easy to think that in order to be a good penpal, or just to write letters in general, you need a huge array of specific supplies. If you’ve ever felt discouraged because you can’t just go out and buy a large amount of stationery, especially for a hobby you’re just discovering, fret not: to get started, you only really need a few basic things.

1. Envelopes

Matching letter sets are adorable, but until you get your hands on some of those, there’s nothing wrong in using some good old plain envelopes. Whether they’re white or kraft, you can decorate them in various ways depending on your artistic tendencies. For example, you can use paper scraps or magazine clippings to make a collage, or simply hand draw a design on them.

2. Washi Tape

Washi tape is a decorative type of tape that’s really good for crafts because it’s repositionable. It is available in countless patterns and colours, and you can use it to decorate both your envelopes and your writing paper.
(If you don’t know where to find it, a good place to start is Michael’s or Target (US) or Paperchase (EU).)

3. Stickers & other embellishments

On the same note, stickers are great to add decorative elements to your letters without too much effort. You can also use ribbons, paper embellishments, stamps… I also personally really like to use leaves and flowers I pick up from the garden or the park. You can really use whatever your heart desires!

4. Pens

Of course if you’re going to write a letter, you will need a pen. Any pen is good really, black ink if you wanna keep it simple, or coloured ones if you feel like spicing things up a bit. When you feel more confident about it, you can also give a go to brush pens and start embellishing your letters with beautiful calligraphy.

Now that you have these few basics, you're all set up to delve into snail mailing! The last thing you need is penpal.. or do you already have one? ☺

ƒ. x