Creative Paper Letters by Designer Alex Swain

Back in September, I had the pleasure to meet Alex at the We Blog Design meet-up at designjunction.

He's a very talented designer, and when he got in contact to share an unusual paper project he'd been part of, I couldn't help myself but ask him if I could feature it here as I think it's abolutely unique and creative.

Working as I designer for the last 16 years, I’ve always had an interest in typography. I can’t explain why other than I love the collection of varied forms and the power they have as a system for language. I loved letterpress workshops at college, working with physical type was so much fun and I knew one day it would be great to make some letters of my own.
I am quite particular about the kind of typeface designs, leaning toward the Swiss style. My first attempt at designing some furniture led to the A Stool, which uses the Replica typeface designed by Norm in Zurich, for the basis of the β€˜A' frame. The Replica letters are narrow at the base so were perfect for furniture as they wouldn’t trip you up.

Last year we discovered the materials company Surface Matters, who have a showroom just off Broadway Market in Hackney, London. They are the UK agent for an amazing sheet material called Richlite: β€˜an incredibly durable material made from paper. The innovative surface is nonporous, heat and water resistant and is made from many layers of high quality FSC decorative paper.’ I enjoy working with sustainable materials so it was great to discover Richlite.

Combining my love for typography and their materials, we decided it would be great to collaborate on a project together. The outcome was an A to Z alphabet, CNC’d and then hand finished by the workshop called Shape Studio from Bristol.

At the same time as this project, Alex compiled an alphabetical list of design bloggers he like (in which I'm very honoured to appear under the 'F';

The A to Z list of design bloggers coincided with he project so it made sense to send each blogger their letter. The letters will be able to buy on our website soon.

Make sure to check out Alex's website and have a look at his wonderful creations, and while you're there, check out the bloggers list too, as if you're looking for more blogs to read, I guarantee you'll find something you like!

Thanks for reading!
Ζ’. xx

// photo courtesy Β© Alex Swain