Time For a Change

Hello everyone, it's been a while since my last personal post on here. You may or may not have noticed my absence in the past year, I’d say, during which my posts here have been really sporadic and I kind of lost touch with the whole blogging thing. After moving to London, a little longer than a year ago now, I started having way less free time - for better or worse - and therefore less time to dedicate to letters and blogging, as mail was what I was primarily posting about.

Having less mail to show, kind of put me in a slump because I felt like that was all I could write about here - as that is the type of content 90% of my readers enjoy seeing here. Coming to thinking about it now, I’ve done and seen so many cool things this past year that I wish I’d have shown to you too, as well as documented here for myself to look back on one day, but I didn’t - simply because I thought that by giving my blog such a name I would have to be stick to it in all aspects and it wouldn’t make sense to stray away from the content that was β€œmeant” to be shared in favour of other topics that wouldn’t quite, or at all, fit into that category.

But from today, it is time for a change. I’ve changed a lot since last year and my β€œstyle” and interests have evolved too. As much as I’m attached to my blog name (and still like it, just like mail, which I will continue to share here), it’s time for me to let go of what might be the expectations of others and focus on what I want to do and what I want to share on this blog. At the end of the day, it was born as a personal blog, and now I want to reclaim that.

So yeah, this is a little announcement both for you and myself to make this β€œofficial”, and to inform you about the change of direction this blog will be taking from today onwards. You can still expect to see posts about mail and stationery of course, but also more about my graphic design and illustration work and process, some more lifestyle-y kind of posts that will include what I go about doing and seeing in London, plus a bit of travelling whenever I get the chance to, and definitely more photography.

Lastly, thank you if you’ve been reading my blog for ages, and thank you even more if you’ll decide to stick around ☺️

Lot of love,

Ζ’. xx