5 Questions With @MarionBCN - Letter Writer

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β€˜5 Questions With’ is a segment where I introduce you to some of brilliant individuals that not only inspire me with the beautiful images they share on Instagram, but also with their incredible passion for what they do: it will be a great opportunity to learn more about them and also to - hopefully - inspire you as well.

Today I’m asking 5 questions to Raquel, aka Marionbcn, a very creative letter writer.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Raquel and I am a 38 years olf girl from Barcelona, I have been living in Sweden since 2007. I am married to a swedish guy and we have a 9 years old female kitty named Juno. I work full time as a hotel receptionist and I am passionate about snailmailing, journaling, architecture, swimming, cafes, music and concerts, languages and cats.

On your IG you share lots of photos of your mail art and correspondence. How did you first get into it?

I started back in 1988 when I was 10. Back then the Internet didn't exist (a world without internet, crazy right??!!) and I met a couple of girls during my summer vacation on a camping in La Costa Brava, and we wanted to be in touch (no mobile phones either back then!), so we decieded to start exchanging letters, and that's how all started. Of course back then the letters were a lot more simple, I used to buy nice letter sets from the spanish brand Busquets at my local paperstore, later on, after many years, I started doing my own lettersets, my style has changed a lot during that nearly 30 years I have been penpalling.

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What do you love the most about snail mail?

I just love to meet other people, that is definitely the best part, to make real friends towards correspondence. I always define letter writing like 'Writting a diary, only that it's not for you to keep but to send to someone else'. I have met IRL lots of my penpals, and it's been a wonderful experiences. Finding your mailbox full of colorful letters is one of the most awesome feelings.

Do you have any advice for people wanting to get into mail art or letter writing?

If you like writing you should definitely try it! You get to meet a lot of lovely people, and at the same time you get to explore your creative side. I get often asked where to find penpals, well, nowadays there's a huge community of snail mailers on Instagram, so you can give it a try there under tags like :#snailmail #penpalwanted or #happymail for example.

Any IG account you’re most inspired by?

There's actually a lot! there's fantastic creative people out there, just to name some: @kirbyleung @seasaltedpaper @poppylovesred @the.bibliophile.angel @little_pink_sheep

If you ever need the motivation to get back into letter writing, Raquel's Instagram feed is the place to go for inspiration. She's always posting dozens of letters throughout the week and you're guaranteed to feel the urge of grabbing pen and paper and get cracking on writing those letters you were meant to reply to months ago.

A big thank you to Raquel for taking the time to answer my questions and for sharing with us her tips and tricks β™₯

Make sure to check her Instagram account for more gorgeous photos of her mail art.

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