The No-Tools-Required DIY Notebook

After I shared my β€œa day in the life” notebook, I was asked how I had made it. 

I’m not really good at paper crafts so I used a very simple technique that doesn’t involve any fancy equipment but only things you’re very likely to already have in your craft room.



  1. Fold the paper in half to create the shape of the book.
  2. Open the book, and using the ruler and the pencil you can measure where you want your binding to be, but I personally just eyeball it. Now, take the push pin and insert it through the pages from the inside out, and make an even number of holes. Depending on how thick your thread is, you may want to fiddle the pin around a little bit to loosen and enlarge the hole enough for it to pass through it.
  3. When all the holes are done, take your thread and starting from the last hole, insert it from the outside in. Tie a knot on the outer end of the thread, and insert the other one into the remaining holes, and then tie another knot and cut the excess.

And you’re done.

It’s a very easy, entry-level notebook making technique, so it’s nothing fancy, but if you use a nice paper and a colorful thread, I think it make quite cute books anyway!

Instead of the push pin and the thread, you could also use a needle and cotton, but I find the final result less appealing.

I hope you like this!

Ζ’. x

Easy DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper (3 Ways)

One of my favourite things about Christmas is wrapping presents; I enjoy it so much that in my house I've always been the designed wrapper, which is a role I very happily embrace. However, I'm really fussy about my wrapping paper, I don't like the overly colorful and cluttered designs, I'm more of a minimalistic-yet-still-festive kind of person. Very often, in fact, I make my own wrapping paper, and today I wanted to share with you a very simple DIY to customise even further your Christmas presents ☺


  • A sheet of plain wrapping paper
  • Acrylic paint or ink (I use green but feel free to spice it up!)
  • Something triangular to use as a stamp (I use a piece of foam, but you can use anything else you have laying around your house - you can even carve it from a potato!)
  • A black marker 
  • A silver/gold/white marker


As it says in the title, this DIY is for a wrapping paper "3 ways" or in other words, each of the steps in it can be considered final, depending on how creative you want to go with it.

Step 1: simply stamp your paper with green triangles to make very minimal trees.

Step 2: use your marker to define your trees, adding an outline and details.

Step 3: use an accent color to decorate your little trees. Add lights, baubles, tinsel.. or anything else you like to make them look even more festive!


Of course you can use this same method to decorate envelopes as well. Anyway, I hope you liked it and that it may come in handy β™₯

Do you have any suggestions for new ways of decorating wrapping paper?

Ζ’. x

DIY Envelope Booklet

Hey guys, today I have a very simple DIY project to share with you ☺ if you want to lear how to make an envelope booklet, keep reading!


  • scrapbooking paper (the one I used is 36x13cm/14x5in)
  • three or more envelopes or paper bags
  • hole puncher
  • thread or twine
  • scissors + paper clip
  • and a mix of stationery and ephemera to decorate it


  1. Fold your piece of scrapbooking paper in half (make sure it is big enough to contain your envelopes - otherwise you can trim them).
  2. Insert the envelopes sideways into the cover making sure the openings are all on the right side.
  3. Use the paper clip to hold them together and punch two holes on the left hand side.
  4. Secure everything together with a piece of thread.

Now you have your base; All that's left to do is to decorate it as you please, and fill the envelopes with a letter and goodies for your friend!

I hope you like this! Of course you can customize it as you wish: making it bigger or smaller, adding more envelopes.. and so on. As usual, if you recreate this, please let me know, I would love to see your creations ☺

Ζ’. xx

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DIY Paper Bags

Today I'm going to share with you another DIY project, that is not only easy to make, but also very versatile.
Depending on the size you decide to go for, you can use these paper bags to wrap gifts, for scrapbooking, as envelopes, or even as pockets keep things in your planner.


what you'll need:

pretty paper  |  tape  |  scissors

optional: labels and/or stickers  |  scalloped-edge scissors


  1. Fold the two sides into the middle until they meet, tape them together
  2. Make a fold at the bottom
  3. Open up the fold and create two triangles by pressing down either side
  4. Fold the sides into the middle and tape them together

And then you just need to jazz them up a little bit, and this step is completely up to you and according to your own taste β˜Ί 

In my case I just trimmed the edges with a scalloped-edge scissor and added a little gift tag.

I hope this will come in handy β™₯

Ζ’. xx

DIY Mini Postbox

Hello friends! Today I have a little DIY project I want to share with you!
It's super simple but I think the result is really cute; it's a mini postbox box!


a wooden box  |  acrylic paint  |  optional: some wooden letters  |  hot glue gun

As I said, it's extremely easy to make:

  1. paint your wooden box red (or the color of the postboxes local to you)
  2. add some details; in my case I simply added a post horn, but you can also add the sticker with the pick up schedule, for example.
  3. the final touch is to use the hot glue gun to apply the wooden letters that spell 'post', but if you can't find any, you can simply write it out with paint and it would still look nice!

Now what's left to do, is to fill it with postal goodies and mail it to a friend!

I hope you liked it & please let me know if you recreate it! β˜Ί

Ζ’. xx

3 Easy crafts to Recycle Postage Stamps

If you're anything like me, you probably have one of those boxes filled with used postage stamps.

IMG_2411 copy.jpg

I actually have two, one for my collection, and one for scrap or odd ones that I like to reuse for my crafts and DIYs; today I'm going to share with you three of my favourite ways to have fun with them!

Project 1: Stamps Bunting

It's super easy and quick to do. All you need is a piece of string, some washi tape, glue or double sided tape, and of course some stamps; Use the glue or the double sided tape to secure the stamps to your string, and then the washi to attach it to your letter, notecard, or whatever you decided to decorate.

Project 2: Decoupage

If you have a boring notebook (or a small ornament as well) you can jazz it up a bit by using your old stamps. All you need is some mod podge and a brush: apply a first coat of glue, place your stamp, and go over them all with another coat of glue. Easy peasy!

Project 3: Stamps Cut Outs

Using the same technique as above, make a collage of stamps on an piece of cardboard, cut it out in a shape you like, and use it to decorate notecard, letters and the likes! Also, if you have a cute punch, you can use it on the scraps and add another extra touch to your craft!

Have you ever recycled your stamps? I'd love to hear about your projects ☺

Ζ’. xx