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Vinyl Heat Press Workshop With London Local - Part 2

Just a few days ago I shared with you my experience with the London Local Team workshop, and I'm here again today because I'd like to show you a few other point of views of the night.

London Local uploaded a video that explains more of what we where doing, and that includes a very fun time lapse of the process:

And Natasha uploaded a lovely vlog of the event so you can see how it was through her eyes as well:

Finally, Geraldine from LittleBigBell (who was the brilliant mind behind the inspiration for the theme they chose for the bags) also wrote a blog post about it - which includes gorgeous pictures of some of the bags - and I really recommend taking the time to give it a read!

I really hope you've enjoyed reading about this workshop, as I was very happy to attend it and meet everyone there. β˜Ί Once again, if you're in London, don't forget to check out the market this Saturday, between 11AM to 4PM!

Ζ’. x

Vinyl Heat Press Workshop with London Local

Last Thursday, London Local kindly invited me to join them, alongside a few other bloggers, to a vinyl heat press workshop at Puck Studio.

β–² Ionna & Dave from Puck Studio (photo cred:  Shoshana )

β–² Ionna & Dave from Puck Studio (photo cred: Shoshana)

The aim of the event was to learn about vinyl pressing, and decorate 50 tote bags for London Local to give away at their spring market that's taking place on May 14th in Crouch End in London (more info here).

The process to make the bags was quite simple, but really fun! The first step was to prepare the shapes to use for our design, and in this case we used some created by Aiza, another talented London-based artist. Once the shapes were cut into vinyl sheet, we had to peel off the excess, and then separate and cut them to reveal each individual shape. 

β–² Action shot of Emma (from  Wild Fawn Jewellery ) 

β–² Action shot of Emma (from Wild Fawn Jewellery

Now it's when the real fun begins! We got to choose and arrange the shapes to create our design, lay them flat on top of the bag, and then put the bag in the press that - after heating it for 20 seconds - impress the final design on the bag. 

Each of us made about 5 bags, and we even got to take one home with us β™₯

It was my first official event in London, and I must admit I was a bit apprehensive about it - 'what if I don't fit in with the others?' kind of concerns - but now, I'm glad to say that everything worked out nicely and I had a lovely time. Everyone was really nice and friendly, and learning about the vinyl heat press method was very interesting.

Also meeting fellow London bloggers was the cherry on top: my partners for the night were Natasha, Holly & Ana - and if you're looking for cool new people to follow either on YouTube or on Bloglovin, you should definitely take the time to check them out!

If you're in or around London, make sure to visit the Crouch End Spring Market (it's completely free to attend + if you're one of the first 50 people to enter, you'll get a free goodie bag!) to discover and support lots of local artists and sellers. 

Have you ever tried the vinyl press method yourself? 

Ζ’. x

 // PS. A big thank you to Shoshana for inviting me to the workshop β™₯