Spread the Love - Freebie!

As Valentine's Day is approaching, I thought I'd share a little illustrated card you can print at home ☺

β†’  click here to download: A5 pink background | A5 blue background β†

I tried to avoid an overly romantic design, so that you can send it to friends and family as well. 

If you print it out and share a picture, please don't forget to tag me on Instagram (@snailmaillove) I'd love to see! Also, don't forget to take a look at the free printable card I've made last year!

What are your plans for V's day?

Ζ’. x

Freebie Friday: A Day In The Life Minizine

Sometimes when you’re stuck for ideas of what to include in a letter, the way to go could be making a minizine about any topic that comes to mind. It is a very simple yet fun little craft that can add a bit of interest to any letter.

As I’ve mentioned, you can make them about any topic, but today I want to share with you a β€œday in the life”-style minizine that you can print out and customise.

β†’  you can download it here ←

If you decide to give it a go, remember to use the hashtag #snailmailloveshop on Instagram so I can check them out! (Instructions on how to fold it can be found here).

Enjoy! Ζ’. x

Freebie Friday: Christmas Edition

Hello friends! Since it's never too early to start writing and sending Christmas mail, today I decided to share with you a little printable you can use this season ☺ It's just a simple lettering piece, but I thought it would be nice to add to your letters, or even to use it as a gift tag.

β†’  you can download it here β†

If you want some variety, you can still download last year's illustrated card here.

How excited are you for Christmas?!

Ζ’. xx

A Cat Lady's Essential - Freebie

My calendar says today is National Cat Day, so what a perfect occasion to show you picture of my pets! Like I've mentioned before, I currently have three pets: Duster the cat, Luna the dog, and Frodo the guinea pig.

Duster the cat

Duster, although no one really calls him that - we tend to go by Chicco, Chico, or other endearing nicknames, is three years old and we adopted him shortly after he was born and ready to leave his mother. As you can tell from the picture, he is a real gentleman ad is very well behaved. His fave spot to take a nap is the piano, and he loves lying in the sun into the flower pots outside our windows.

Luna the dog

Luna is the latest addition to our family! She just recently turned one, but we aren't sure of when her birthday actually is. My mother found her under an abandoned car in a wood when she was just a few weeks old; she was starving and cold, and we couldn't do anything else but take her home (she was even cuter when she was that tiny!). Since she's still a puppy, she's a little less well behaved than our cat. She likes to steal paper from our trash cans, and sometimes still begs for food when we eat - but we're working on it. She enjoys chasing pigeons, and play fetch.

frodo the guinea pig

Frodo, also known as Froyo heh, is the first pet we ever got. I adopted him almost six years ago now, when he was so tiny to fit in one hand! You're actually supposed to adopt guinea pigs in pairs because they can get quite lonely, but I've always made sure to play with him a lot and let him roam the house freely quite regularly. Then, after we got the cat, they became friends and Duster often sleeps on or near his cage. Fun fact, when Luna was very small she would actually get into the cage with him and they'd sleep together, it was adorable!! Anyway, his favorite food is carrots and he loves bath time!

To conclude this post and to celebrate Cat Day, here's a freebie~

cat lady certificate.jpg

β†’  you can download it here β†

It is a printable certificate you can award to yourself or the fellow cat lady(s) in your life ☺

Thank you for reading!

Ζ’. x

P.S. if you have pets feel free to share pictures, I want to see ALL THE PETS! (っ◔‿◔)っ♑

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My Winter Bucket List + a Freebie!

Making bucket lists really helps me keeping track of everything I need (and want) to do, so I always try to make one every few months.

Right now, there are five things in particular that I'd like to achieve this winter:

  • Read three books; I already successfully completed my reading goal for the year, but I've gotten a little lazier since. I'll try taking advantages of the various holidays to read at least 3 more books before the year ends.
  • Create & share more freebies; I used to be more consistent with my freebies, and I really want to get back on track. I really enjoy creating them, and I'm always very happy when you guys like them, but I have to admit that it's a lot of work and I haven't had much time for it lately. My goal is to start making more of them, by simplifying the designs a little bit. On this note, today I'm sharing a simple autumnal letter paper:

β†’  you can download it here β†

  • Go on a weekend trip somewhere; I've just caught the travel bug again, there's not much else to add to this, ha. I really crave to a change of scenery even if it's just for a couple of days. (Does this ever happen to you, too?).
  • Share more letters on the blog; again, this is something I used to do more frequently, and I really want to start doing again. After all, this blog isn't called SnailMailLove for nothing, is it? β˜Ί
  • Clear out my stationery stash; like many of you paper lovers, I have virtually bottomless stash of paper goodies. Although I feel like I *need* and want to keep all of it, I reached a point where I need to get rid of a few things, you know what I mean?

Now the trick is actually getting around and actually cross off all those things, but let's stay positive!

What's on your bucket list (or to-do list) for the winter season?

Ζ’. x

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Freebie Friday: Are You a Coffee Lover?

Did you know that September 29th is national Coffee Day? Well, now you know, and if you’re a coffee lover it’s your duty to honor the day by treating yourself to an extra large cup of Joe! 

While you wait to celebrate, I’ve got a couple of prints to get you in the mood.

β†’  you can download them here β†

What’s your favorite coffee? I'm more of a tea person, but I don't say no to a good cup of coffee. My fave is soy cappuccino, with a dash of cinnamon if I’m feeling fancy. 

I hope you enjoy these new designs ☺

Ζ’. x

Let's Do More in October!

A while back I read on Eli’s blog that she was joining the BlogTember Challenge, a challenge created by Brave Love Blog to motivate yourself to write more and to give you the chance to tell more about yourself while also getting to know other fellow bloggers.
Unfortunately I found out about it when it was too late; although there aren’t rules and you could join whenever, I didn’t really had time to plan anything ahead and I was sure I wouldn’t have been able to stick to the schedule.

This leads us to this post, and to my decision of doing something similar in October: I will be posting something every Monday, Thursday and Saturday, and today I’m posting my schedule so that if any of you is interested, you can come along!


Oct 1st - Meet the blogger (A few or a lot of things about you)
Oct 3rd - Your inspiration (fave blogs + IG accounts.. etc)
Oct 5th - Something you love at the moment
Oct 8th - Favourite books
Oct 10th - Your playlist of the month
Oct 12th - One of your favourite quotes (illustrate, make a poster.. etc)
Oct 15th - Your winter bucket list
Oct 17th - Your wishlist
Oct 19th - Teach us something! (A tutorial, a DIY, a recipe.. etc)
Oct 22nd - A day in the life (Share a day in your life through pictures, drawings.. etc)
Oct 24th - Desk tour (A bit of workspace porn never hurt nobody!)
Oct 26th - Something you collect
Oct 29th - Your pets
Oct 31st - Free day, write/share about anything you want!

There are no rules, you can use all the prompts or just some, or you can even transform this into an Instagram photo challenge! Moreover, you can just take the chance to pledge to do more of something this upcoming month, and it doesn't necessarily have to be blog related. For the occasion, here's an handy dandy printable to make your pledge feel more concrete!

If you think you might give this a try, let me know so I'll make sure to keep an eye on your blog ☺ I'll also have a link up system under every post so you can link your blog posts there as well. On Instagram I'll be using the hashtag #DoMoreInOctober, so if you want to share something there, feel free to use it too!

Ζ’. xx

Freebie Friday: Floral Coloring Book Page

Coloring books for adults are the thing right now. I personally much prefer drawing itself over coloring, so I’m a bit hesitant to invest in one. To test how much I would enjoy it, I decided to use some old scans of my β€œflower phase”, and made this printable that I’m going to share with you all today.

this is a mockup.

this is a mockup.

β†’  click here to download it  ←

Once you finish coloring, you can also use it to make envelopes or wrapping paper ☺

Do you own/enjoy any coloring book?

Ζ’. x