On May 3rd 2013, along with some friends, I founded the Postal Society, to create a place where people could get together and meet others with their same interest for the old fashioned way.

The original site was hosted on a third party platform: we didn't have our own domain name, nor we had any basic feature to allow us to actually get in touch, except a forum. It didn't quite hit the mark that I had in mind when I first envisioned The Postal Society. Since then, it became a solo project, and after saving for a little while, on May 31 2014, I decided to get a whole new website and give P.S. a new life.

The new websites has a lot of technical improvements, and moreover, we're much more active in the swaps field. We host 2 swaps a month, and we also have a monthly creative challenge on Instagram.

To quote our blurb: 

"The Postal Society is a place for mail addicts from all over the world. Here you will meet like-minded creative postal freaks, who share your love for the old fashioned correspondence system. 
Our aim is to create a community not only for people who are just starting to make their way into the snail mail world, but also for “veterans” who are willing to share their tips and tricks to make letters extra special.
This is not just a place to find new penpals, we hope you’ll share with us ideas, pictures, projects and interests in the forums as well;
If that hasn’t sold you already, then get this – by being a member you also get the chance to join swaps, creative challenges, and unlock achievements. All for free!"

If you love writing letters, if you're looking for penpals, or if you'd just like to get creative with your letter writing, feel free to stop by! 

➝ the Postal Society