Back in February 2013, I started a project called "the Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt".
I'm sure most of you are familiar with the concept of "Secret Santa", well, since Christmas is a terrible, terrible period to send out mail in my country, I'm never able to join this super fun kind of swaps, so I came up with a way to have the thrill of a secret package swap without the holidays being an issue.

The rules are very simple: I collect all the participants' information, and after a while I'll assign everyone to a partner that must be kept secret until a precise date when we'll all be revealing what we sent and received and who our partner was.
After the partners are assigned, I send out a list of 5 objects to find or create, plus a short "about me" of your partner that you'll have to use to buy one little something to make the parcel even more special.
Usually, after 10 days from the revealing of the list, the parcel are sent out and we play the waiting game until everyone receives their.
On a set date, we finally reveal the content of our boxes, and share our experience to everyone else.

Considering that this is a self hosted project, I'm really glad to say it was a huge success as I've had 78 people (from 21 countries!)  joining the first installment, and 72 the second time around.

At the moment I don't have a set schedule for this project, but I'm sure I'll host at least one a year.

If you're interested, make sure to follow my blog to be updated on any future hunt!