End-of-Summer Sale in my Etsy Shop

Summer is coming to an end, and I don't know about you, but I'm so ready for the sweater weather to hit again! However, this summer was pretty eventful and enjoyable, so to celebrate, I'm having a 3x2 sale in my Etsy shop

You can get a free card when you buy 2 (or multiple of) cards, all you need to do is add a note to your order telling me which extra card you’d like, or I will happily pick one at random for you!
The offer also extends to sticker sheets and postcards, so why don't you have a look and see if anything interests you? ☺

Much love,
ƒ. x

Screen Printing Workshop at Print Club London

▼ Print Club, 10 – 28 Millers Ave, Dalston E8 2DS

▼ Print Club, 10 – 28 Millers Ave, Dalston E8 2DS

Screen printing is something I've always been intrigued by, so you can imagine my excitement when I found out about the existence of Print Club. 

If you're not familiar with Print Club, it is creative studio in East London that specialises in water based screen printing. As well as offering membership to the studio, they also host a range of workshops for beginners where you get to learn about the process involved and by the end of the day you also get to print your very own design! So, sign me up, right?

Our workshop was led by Craig, who did a really wonderful job at explaining the history and the basics of screen printing, showing us examples of the various techniques involved.

Then it was time to get more hands-on. First thing we had to do, was to tweak our artwork in Photoshop to make it ready to be printed onto tracing paper to then be exposed onto our screens. 

In short, what we did was covering the screens with a photosensitive emulsion and let it to dry in a dark room. After it was completely dried up, it was time to transfer our design on it, which was done by exposing the screen in a vacuum light table, that created a negative of our image.

We then washed our screens with a pressure washer to remove the the emulsion that hadn't hardened and double checked our designs for any imperfections, and then put them out in the sun to dry before getting to the actual printing.

Time to set up the screens! Once ready, each screen must be blocked and taped (which means you need to make sure that there are no holes in the emulsion, and if there are any, you need to cover them up with tape, otherwise the ink will pass through and ruin the print), setup on the printing bed, and then squeegeed!
BUT FIRST, the very crucial step of picking the ink. Guess what colour I chose? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I won't even try to explain the inking process, it's easier for me to let this gif do the talking.

After a couple of borderline unsuccessful tries, I ended up pulling 6 prints, and this is the final result:

Overall, it was a great experience, and I definitely want to do more screen printing in the future!

Have you ever tried this technique? ☺


P.S. if you like my print I still have 2 originals up for grabs. So if you'd like to purchase one, feel free to get in touch!

Paper Home Bloggers' Party at Quill London

Last week I was very lucky to be invited to a blogger party/workshop to celebrate the launch of Esther Thorpe's book "Paper Home", all about origami. The event was held at Quill London, a gorgeous little stationery shop (to die for!).

For the workshop part of the evening, Esther herself showed us how to make the beautiful origami on the front cover of her book, which is very appropriately called 'party diamond'.

I must admit that origami isn't really my area of expertise - the only one I'm able to make is the boat, which I reckon is one of the most basic ones - so the diamond looked quite intimidating at first. Luckily tho, in her book Esther provides very clear instructions and step-by-step pictures, and trust me, if I managed to make three almost perfect party diamonds, she did a pretty great job at explaining how to do it!

The variety of origami projects in the book is pretty broad: from dainty little stars to giant lampshades, but they all have one thing in common, which is making your home more colourful and unique. 

After the event, we even got a goodie bag with some more origami paper inside, so I'll most definitely be trying a few more of those (and I'll make sure to let you know how it goes!).

Have you ever tried origami? What's your favourite design?

ƒ. x

// PS. A big thank you to Frida at Pavilion Books for inviting me to the event ♥