Handmade Stickers Obsession

The prompt for today is to share something I'm loving at the moment, and what I've chosen to write about, is my obsession for handmade stickers!

I love stickers, they're one of my favourite thing to use in my crafts; I actually make a point of decorating the cover of my sketchbooks with stickers every time I start using a new one, I don't know why but it make me happy to just look at it ☺

So, anyway, I had some adhesive sheets laying around, and decided to print a few of my illustrations, just for fun and to maybe use them as envelope decorations.

Little did I know that sticker making is addictive, and two days later, after hours spent cutting every single little drawing, I'm sitting here looking at over 100 stickers that I'm not even sure how and when I'll be able to actually use. I think they're really cute tho, so I will eventually find a way to make my effort worthy.

What are you enjoying doing at the moment?

Ζ’. x

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